Our Services



Built for:

Companies that manage a large amount of information and possess multiple LLCs in multiple states.

The Flagship is our most comprehensive service offering, and includes all you need to keep your business cruising!


Foster growth and expansion by focusing on what you do best and letting your LifeLine Crew handle your cash management, including accounts payable and receivable, vendor transactions and custom financial reporting and oversight, saving you work, time and . . . money.

Achieve customer and employee satisfaction through LifeLine’s comprehensive virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, transforming your company and resulting in increased productivity and profitability.



Built for:

Companies with a staff of 5-ten employees who want to hand off many day-to-day tasks, such as deposits and reconciliation.


Achieve efficiency by utilizing your LifeLine Crew’s knowledge, knack for problem solving and time-tested processes to grow your company the right way.

Time is a precious commodity.  Working with LifeLine allows you to concentrate on your core business operations, having confidence that we are on top of the time consuming yet vital items that keep your company strong.



Built for:

Emerging companies that can no longer justify having internal resources handle day-to-day bookkeeping services, but want to ensure that their books are being properly managed.


Our virtual model gives you seamless support without the hefty price tag.  Lower overhead costs and increased productivity result in improved scalability and growth potential for your business.

Save time and your patience by outsourcing QuickBooks and all your small business accounting and bookkeeping needs to your LifeLine Crew.