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Looking for Better Payroll Services? Timing Matters.

Now is the Time to Evaluate Your Payroll Services. We can help.

Timing of payroll enrollment

Are you unhappy with your payroll method or service, or are you still paying your employees in house? If so, now is the best time to evaluate your payroll needs and research services that best meet your requirements. By making the switch at the beginning of the calendar year, your new provider will have all the information they need to file needed quarterly and year-end tax documents. The second best alternative is to change with the new quarter, but that involves data migration to ensure your payroll company has what they need for tax purposes.

What you never want to do is to attempt to change your payroll provider in the middle of a quarter. It’s just asking for problems. Historical data is harder to accurately process and, if there are issues, you risk missing key filing deadlines. Believe us when we say just don’t do it.

Transitioning your payroll at any time requires careful research, planning, and execution. In short, the earlier you make the decision, the better. Understanding your payroll requirements and reasons you’re thinking of switching are key considerations when looking at new providers. And, if you’re currently running payroll in house, it’s a great time to think about outsourcing. Remember, your time isn’t “free,” and chances are you are not a payroll and tax expert.

As with all business decisions, you want to make a well-informed and strategically smart move when it comes to changing your payroll process or service provider. Let us know if we can help.


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