Meet Our Lifeline Crew


We're a team of financial organizers, advocates and creators of opportunities.

Honest, trustworthy and dependable, we work side-by-side with you to ensure you meet your business goals.

Success comes from working with the right people, and with you at the helm of your company, and our LifeLine Crew battening down the hatches, it will be smooth sailing ahead. 


Deb WhittenPresident

Deb Whitten is the captain of the LifeLine Crew, turning chaos into organization and ensuring the financial stability and growth of her clients.  For clients and employees alike, she is a true lifeline, listening first, then taking the helm as a trusted advisor and friend.  Passionate about work and life, Deb enjoys a nice glass of wine and a quiet – or not so quiet! – evening with friends. 


Karen McNamara, Accountant

Karen puts her business degree and experience to work at LifeLine as an administrative assistant.  Her organizational expertise as well as bookkeeping background benefit not only LifeLine as a business, but even more importantly, the company’s clients as well.  When not hard at work, Karen can be found enjoying country and oldies music, line dancing, exercising and yard work.


Kassie Hartlen, Accountant

Kassie may have worked for New Hampshire Lottery for more than 30 years, but it was LifeLine who hit the jackpot when she became a part of the LifeLine Crew seven years ago.  Her deep knowledge of accounting, coupled with her passion for people, is a winning combination for our clients.


Dee Sinclair, Accountant

Dee’s vast experience is a true asset to LifeLIne.  She has worked in accounting, sales, bookkeeping and customer support.  When not hard at work for her clients, she can usually be found with her “four fantastic dogs and a great husband.”  And Dee has not let social distancing slow her down when it comes to having lunch with her parents every Sunday.  Like her clients, they are important.


Ben Jenkins, Account Manager

Ben has been working in the customer service business his whole life – and loving it.  He started off undertaking a season of taxes and helping non-profits with their accounting before transitioning to corporate, where he progressed rapidly in the finance world.  Today, he is looking to pursue his CPA as well as his love of travel – that is if he is not doing crazy things with his close friends, such as skydiving!


Sue Williams, Accountant

Sue Williams has brought her skills and experience in accounting and business management to LifeLine for seven years.  A graduate of Hesser College and Franklin Pierce University, she adds much to the team and is an invaluable asset to her clients.


Amy McCormick, Accountant

Amy attended Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) with a major in human resources and a minor in accounting.  Originally working in retail management, she switched to accounting eight years ago - and has never looked back.  When she’s not enmeshed in numbers, the self-described animal lover and conservationist can be found golfing, kayaking, hiking and boating.


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