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About Lifeline


A lifeline, by definition, provides a means of escape from a difficult situation.  We at LifeLine Financial like to think of ourselves in a much broader sense of the definition, however.


LifeLine Financial, while providing business-saving services, prefers to work with clients before they are in difficult waters, anchoring companies with solid bookkeeping and accounting solutions.  We partner with fast-growing companies in New England and nationwide, offering everything from QuickBooks management and reporting, accounts payable and receivable, and profit and loss statement assistance to overall cash management and operational support.  Our full-service financial and administrative support services include tax-related documentation and reporting for your CPA.

Our clients are matched up with one of our premier LifeLine Crews.  Each dedicated LifeLine Crew is carefully selected to seamlessly integrate into your business. We match our crews with clients based on industry experience and service specialty, allowing for one point of contact with a team behind providing ongoing support as your unique needs change. LifeLine’s team approach enables us to scale to keep up with the demands of your growing business.

Our virtual model gives you seamless support without the hefty price tag.  Lower overhead costs and increased productivity result in improved scalability and growth potential for your business. We provide this vital remote support so you can “Do What You Do Best, Let LifeLine Do the Rest.” LifeLine works to make your business and your life better.  After all, who doesn’t need a lifeline now and then?

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