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Let LifeLine Be Your Beacon Toward

Financial Growth and Calmer Waters

I want to manage my LLCs in a more cost-effective way!

We need operating capital and cannot secure a loan to grow.

I'm good at running my business, but I struggle at keeping our books.

LifeLine Financial captains fast-growing businesses nationwide in service, technology, retail and trades.

Trusted Advisor. Money Maestro. 

Trainer/Speaker. Chief People Officer.


But it’s not about me. LifeLine Financial, the accounting and bookkeeping company I founded, is about YOU and helping you build a solid foundation for your business to foster growth and expansion, smoothly and swiftly.


Believe it or not, I’m happy to take on some of the jobs you probably hate, like organizing all aspects of your business’ books and accounting, as that’s where my expertise and passion lie. I absolutely love turning chaos into organization so that you have financial stability and confidence - and a chance to focus on your expertise. I see myself as the creator of opportunities, and believe tossing you the lifeline you need to succeed allows for us all to prosper.  


I’m a humanitarian at heart, and when I’m able to utilize my skills and innovation to help you make the most of your money and grow your business, I’m as excited as if it were my own financial gain. I may be a numbers person by trade, but at the end of the day, I guess I really consider myself more of a happiness advocate.


And truth be told, ringleader could also be another title I hold proudly! Outside the office I can often be found wrangling up a group of friends for a good glass of wine (as the saying goes, life is too short to drink bad wine!), a book discussion, some meditation or a community service project. Relationships. They are the true lifeline, and the foundation on which my company and life are built upon. 

Do What You Do Best

Let LifeLine Do the Rest 


Ready to have more time on your hands?


Jennifer Rienert, Director
NH School of Ballet

... they let me know of funding opportunities and helped me through the application process.  LifeLine  made all the difference!

Caroline Arend, Founder

Carolines Fine Food

Deb went to bat for me... Not only did this relieve a lot of stress, but also resulted in fines being waived, saving me a lot of money.

John Clayton, Executive Director, MHA

We’re a small non-profit and manage with very tight dollars, so they’ve truly been a lifeline for us.

Heather Ramsey, M. Partner
Sojourn Partners

For Deb, it isn't just about bookkeeping - it's about helping small businesses thrive and grow.

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